Scangaroo is an application, which allows scanners to be controlled by board computers in trucks. Delivery notes, CRM, Lieferschein, invoice forms, and other documents that are used in the transport sector can be scanned directly while loading or unloading the shipment. Thus, information about the loading or unloading is directly available for the transporter. This information can be shared with the client, the loading address or at the delivery address directly.

By the digitalization of the transport documents  the information is directly available for the entire chain. 

Scangaroo seamlessly connects with our RTI Solution (Real Time Information). The RTI Solution is a tailored packaging solution based on the CRM or invoice and provides a solution for all parties involved in the different aspects of the transportation from producer to customer.

After scanning the CMR or invoice forms, these documents will be send to the administration where they will be automatically processed in the Document Management System. OCR software makes sure, that either the printed and/or handwritten text will be converted into data and immediately available to feed the transport, packaging materials and/or financial administration. 

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